American Workforce Jobs Program for Veterans and Disabled Veterans:

The American Workforce is committed to assisting all Veterans and their dependents in obtaining employment in the emerging Commercial and Home Performance Industry.

From this grassroots effort, we will expand to bring jobs to all American Veterans, especially in inner‐cities and under-served communities that need the help the most. We will mobilize our public and private sector partners to help build the American Workforce across the Country. By working with both State sponsored energy programs and our own Healthy Home Program, our focus will be to create jobs immediately. The jobs for American Veterans will strive to have a 10 year minimum career range to start with and provide pay “above the national average” wage. The jobs will be local jobs that stay in small towns and cities that will not be outsourced, resulting in a positive local economic impact and help to provide a strong contribution to the National economic goal of creating sustainable jobs for Veterans. American Workforce will help to:

► Create Jobs for Veterans that have a career span of work longer than 18 months (could be up to 10-30 years);
► Create Jobs that remain local and that cannot be outsourced;
► Create Jobs that have a positive National and Local economic impact;
► Create Jobs that pay salaries usually above $ 65,000.00 per year and may be maintained during the lifespan of the Program (could be up to 10-30 years).

Helping the People:
Helping The People is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization and has joined forces with ESP to create Job opportunities for Veterans. HTP has developed a program where real estate assets can be donated to HTP from financial institutions, for their social and financial benefit. HTP will then revitalize and stabilize the donated properties/assets. HTP would then strategically return the property to the market so that the supply is managed and property values can be increased.

Helping The People Benefits
HTP offers institutions with an opportunity to become financially sound, encourages community lending and establishes affordability and sustainability to homeowners, buyers and tenants. By transforming non-performing, vacant and blighted properties to performing and revitalized assets, they:

► Stimulate lending to homeowners and small businesses;
► Decrease small business operating expenses to enable job creation;
► Stabilize property values and;
► For each asset that qualifies for a restructured mortgage, a 10-30 year Annual Inspection would be included with the newly restructured mortgage therefore establishing a job opportunity for a U.S. Veteran.
Economic model of the projects
The “Healthy Homes Mortgage” Program was developed to pick up where the HUD energy-efficient mortgage left off. It is a new and improved mortgage product designed to encourage and financially assist energy conscious homeowners to retrofit their homes. The private Company is positioned to be the first ever National environmental inspection company for residential and commercial properties. This Program serves as a catalyst for the creation of green jobs, provides a positive local economic impact, and helps to add green technologies to American Cities.